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It’s just funny the way life echoes and echoes and echoes… Whim becomes premonition, patterns extend and flow… the tempo separates sorrow from exaltation… breath out worry and breath in joy… and stories swirl around you ready to be plucked from the air.

The Promise

| February 8th, 2017
I hear the echoes,
I hear the chimes of madness,
I feel my warmest thoughts float idly by
The wisps of passion’s smoke arises from the ashes,
The smell of decaying roses after they die
See my reflection,
A weeping smile greets me sadly,
I touch my lips in shock and disbelief,
I look into my hollow stranger’s eyes,
I search my face in hope of some relief
I’m crying
Inside I feel such wonderment
and pride
I hold your promise
And then it all just slips away.
I pray for comfort,
I seek some solace in my darkness,
That covenant swallowed by a deafened void
I wonder which lonely road I should follow
A splintered compass, a vellum map destroyed
I sleep in silence,
A nightmare, cold without relief,
A restless place without so much a dream,
I question whether I should seek the lotus blossom,
I wonder if I should drink of Lethe’s stream,
I’m dying in pride,
I feel such emptiness,
I cried, I held your promise,
And it all just slipped away,


| January 4th, 2017

“You’re dating? Ha!”

“Congratulations, ladies, you’ve found a man with zero relationship skills.”

Fuck, I wish she weren’t right.