| August 16th, 2016

There’s a place that my mind wanders. An empty place.

A place where memory fades,
pride dulls, intellect dims.

A sheer chasm over an endless pit.
The cold, wet wind kisses my face, as I try not to look down into that abyss.

The emptiness calls, and I summon whatever fire within me to resist it.



| May 27th, 2016

Sometimes I wish I could resign from the world



Recline into my comfortable thoughts and drift away.

Be a disassociated mess, regress, repress from all the duress I find.

Sometimes I wish I could detach, drift away, unlatch and say goodbye.

Sometimes, I wish I could vacate myself, and who I have become.

I wish I could leave my weaknesses behind and advance a new man,

a better man,

I wish I could escape beyond, and not decend into my miasmic life.

A Minute.

| May 18th, 2016

A minute is a lifetime,
An endless echo,
A reflection of failure,
I just can’t understand,

Am I simply broken?
Unable to understand,

Are you better off without me?
Without my disfunction,

Am I be a good father?
Can I be a good husband?

I don’t think I am,
I don’t think I can,

A minute to consider a lifetime,

One wrong breath,

The right word unspoken,

A question to unask,
And another that went unasked,

A minute can be a lifetime,

A minute can take one too