Until Death Comes to Time.

| April 28th, 2008

I often say something will happen “When death comes to time…” or “Until death comes to time…”

It’s one of my favorite sayings, very poetic, and melodramatic, and vague, like me!

(my favorite saying, of course, is “Vague is…” which is the ultimate answer to any question.)

Anyways, It comes from the intro to a Doctor Who radio play that the BBC put on a few years ago… Here’s the entire quote:

Once, long ago, on an island in a sea of clouds, there was a land where giants walked. And the giants lived amongst the other peoples of that land. And they used their great strength to help them….but the power of the giants was too great…their hands were too strong, their tread too heavy. And the more they tried to help the people, the greater was the destruction that they caused until the people that they tried to help were no more….And the giants were alone and the islands laid waste…and in their shame the giants built a temple and there they swore that never again must they meddle in the affairs of mortal men. And then they scattered, ever to wander abroad in repentance until the twilight of the world…until death comes to time.

Freedom to Rant.

| December 27th, 2007

We are all bound by the scope of our lives. Bound to bounce maddingly within our own bell jars… unable to understand, to contemplate that there is more out there for us. More than just the boundaries that we may place upon ourselves, or the boundaries that our placed upon us.

We are more than our paychecks. We are more than our mortgages. We are more than our jobs. We are more than our arguments, our anxieties, our addictions, our compulsions.

We are not moths enslaved to the light of our dreams. We are not children who believe in absolute justice, encompassing fairness or delusions of grandeur.

We are more… If we choose to become more.

But we each must make a choice.

We each must step into the wilderness, the unknown, the uncomfortable, the known.

Break out of your paper prisons!

Break out of your glass houses!

Break away from your race, your culture, your potential.

Break away from the judgments placed upon you, the expectations that surround you, the life that confounds you!

Break free!

You are not beautiful, you are not unique, you are a cog.

You are not a prophet, you are not a savior, you are an object.

You are not a loser, you are not an outsider, you are a number at the bottom of a balance sheet.

You are nothing more than what you are unless you choose to become something else!

We are a generation lost, adrift, forgetful.

We seek community but atomize our society.

We seek our definition in that infinite darkness that lay between us.

Divided, we are conquered

The miasma of unchecked consumerism has us in our grip.

We are slaves to our own desires.